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To benefit from all the resources available to you, there are some things that are we need to know. All the information that is gathered is held in strictest confidence and is not disseminated in any way.

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Along with your age, the fields below will help us to set up your program.
How to choose a basic activity level:
  • If you do not move all day, then select Sedentary.
  • If you move about your day but do not exercise, then select Light.
  • If you get additional exercise such as a 30 minute walk, then select Moderate.
  • If you excerise vigourously every other day, then select Vigorous.
Finally, tell us if you just want to maintain your weight or how quickly you want to lose weight. Note that the options do not exceed 2 lbs a week in weight loss. Attempting to lose any more quickly will cause your body to slow down and inhibit loss.
Please provide a valid email address so that we can keep you informed and provide a means to assist you if you have forgotten your User ID or Password.