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By The Numbers

You are free to use this page to check your health numbers. None of the data is recorded.
If you are a member, log in. Any values found in your profile will automatically appear.
As you enter data, that data is used in the current calculation and in following calculations.
For instance; BMR uses height and weight, derived from the BMI, plus sex and age as elements of the formula.
As you step through the each test, your results will appear, as will the next test.
  1. BMI - Body Mass Index
  2. BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate
  3. MET - Metabolic Equivalency
  4. H20 - Water
  5. WHR - Waist to Hip Ratio
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BMI - Body Mass Index

A measure of body fat based on height and weight in adults.

Height Feet: Inches: Weight: