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Welcome to the Sherman Oaks Lutheran Healthy LIfe Program

What makes Healthy Life Program different than any other weight loss program?
We start with these premises:
  • The body is designed to be healthy.
  • Weight loss should not be a struggle.
  • You do the living while the program does the work.
Your body is designed to be in a natural healthy state.
There is a direct link between proper weight and health. The numbers prove it. The sense of wellbeing is additional proof. The Healthy Life Program starts with the premise that your body is designed. This is key. Your body is a temple that was designed in an extraordinarily beautiful way and is meant to function in such a manner.
Weight loss and ultimate maintenance of proper weight should not be a struggle.
Most weight loss programs make it a chore. Eating and good healthy living was never intended to be a chore. Nevertheless, "If you do what you've done, you will be what you've been," says Lawrence A. Nixon. To lose weight, behavioral change is required. The effort is involved in making changes; however, the effort involved should not be a chore. Getting and staying healthy should be play, not tedious work. The operative word is tedious. The Healthy Life Program takes the tedium out of the adventure. Work becomes play. Healthy Life Program does the work. You do the play.
The Healthy Life Program does the heavy lifting.
The Healthy Life Program focuses on the numbers while you focus on living. It is known that if you lose the calories you'll lose the weight. That is the foundation of all weight loss programs. If you eat fewer calories than your body needs daily, you will lose weight - pure cause and effect. At least, that is the mantra. Is that always true? Do you know how many calories your body demands each day? If you knew, would you know how to calculate the number of calories you are consuming? Do you really want to count calories? This leads to the how-to of Healthy Life Program:
  • Enlightenment
  • Encouragement
  • Empowerment
You have heard, "Knowledge is power!" Horse feathers. Only knowledge, that is applied in a timely fashion, is power. In HLP: Enlightenment comes first. We start with knowing. Encouragement comes next to apply the knowledge in a timely fashion. Empowerment completes the set by using the tools and lessons learned.
Come and follow the program to "Eat Right, Think Right, and Get a Move On!"
Just take a few easy steps to get started.

Press the button and complete the form. There is no cost in becoming a member; however, donations are accepted to help defray the costs in providing the program. All information is kept confidential and is not shared in anyway with any other parties.